Meet the team of Kresnik

All dedicated artists who worked on this project and other people to be thanked to can be found here. Bunch of hard working awesomeness in a human form!

Haritude Ventures is a film production company based in Slovenia. We always aim to tell stories that touch hearts. We're enchanted by the possibilities that film as a medium brings and we'd like to inspire you to become a storyteller as well. Let’s create fantasy together!


Cene Skrt


For the role of Peter, an awfully scared kid who visits his cousins every year, Cene was a perfect match. Night shoots didn’t bother him, he was always ready for the next take.

Aljaž Šimunić


Aljaž played Peter’s older cousin. He’s a vicious looking guy who wants to control everything, yet gets scared when the going gets tough, but he’d never admit that.

Domen Jančič


The adventurer Štefan was played by Domen. It’s the only boy in the story with a sense of humor which he constantly uses to cover up his cowardness and fear of wolves.

Assija Sultanova

elf girl

There was no question that she would fit perfectly in the role of a young elf girl when we developed the story. Assija brought magic and mystery to the bonfire night.

Dare Valič


Slovenia has few such legendary actors as Dare Valič. His role of grandpa is short yet important for the story, because he’s the one who’s most involved in the lore of fire.


David Sipoš


Hardworker and wonderer, constantly thinking about new projects. His passion led him to producing and directing Kresnik and this way shaking up Slovenia’s hype for fantasy.

Tim Žibrat


Always smiling and dreaming, trying to elevate any project he gets his hands on to new emotional heights. Nothing is too big and nothing is too challenging for him.

Danilo Kapel


His neverending curiosity for all the sounds shaping the kind of music we listen to gives him a unique edge when creating his own masterpieces and collaborations.

Jernej Kastelec


Not only was he responsible for the red line in the story, but also for how it was presented through the actors. He created a special bond with them and made them thrive in Kresnik.

Brandie Coonis


Fantasy is written all over her. She has read and studied almost any fantasy book one can find in a library and with this passion she gave the story of Kresnik the magic it needed.

Marko Kočevar

director of photography

His experiences with light and camera led him around the world and gave him jobs on numerous feature movies. Painting the world of Kresnik was a challenge nonetheless.

Andrej Vrhovnik

costume designer

Fairytale creatures and worlds full of imagination were always his favourite. This time the story let him create special costumes for historic and magical worlds.

Anja Tomlje

costume designer

Working as a costume designer and make-up artist was a perfect combination for her. She was very dedicated to the story and helped us get immersed in the 70’s again.

Mitja Mlakar

vfx artist

Master of visual trickery. A few dozen of clips needed some final touch and he did a job no one can notice. Which proves he did a great job. Also he animated the credits sequence.

Miha Šubic

credits animation

Assistant director on the set and an animation artist in post-production. After the film ends, his animated characters get alive and take us to the major story points with great visuals.


This film has been partially financed through an international crowdfunding campaign.
A special thank you to all our crowdfunding supporters & backers.

  • Directed and Produced by
  • Director of Photography
  • Executive Producers


  • Peter
  • Cene Skrt
  • Štefan
  • Domen Jančič
  • Igor
  • Aljaž Šimunić
  • elf girl
  • Assija Sultanova
  • grandpa
  • Dare Valič
  • wolves
  • Jakob Mali
  • Samo Stankovič
  • Bor Stegne
  • elves
  • Urban Arko
  • Stefania Bojić
  • Matija David Brodnik
  • Dragica Cetinja
  • Nejc Dougan
  • Elizabeta Kastelec
  • Maša Kastelec
  • Marjan Kuret
  • Barbara Kušar
  • Benjamin Kušar
  • Filip Kušar
  • Katarina Kušar
  • Marta Kušar
  • Žiga Kušar
  • Neža Lajevec
  • Urška Lajevec
  • Marko Marko
  • Katarina Marn
  • Božena Macarol
  • Žan Macarol
  • Boštjan Marolt
  • Jakob Marolt
  • Lucijan Marolt
  • Jakob Osredkar
  • Janez Osredkar
  • Tilen Pangeršič
  • Tana Reid
  • Ana Ribič
  • Veronika Senekovič
  • Zdenka Skrt
  • Natalia Sultanova
  • Cristal Šraj
  • Urh Tržan
  • Loredana Hana Vegelj
  • Aaron Veldin


  • Directing Actors
  • Jernej Kastelec
  • Costume Designers
  • Andrej Vrhovnik
  • Anja Tomlje
  • Make-up Artist
  • Anja Tomlje
  • 1st Assistant Camera
  • Marko Hutter
  • Production Assistant
  • Mojca Pernat
  • Assistant Directors
  • Miha Šubic
  • Mitja Mlakar
  • Gaffer
  • Sveto Makić
  • Electricians
  • Borut Cencelj
  • Damjan Žumer
  • Best Boy
  • Dominik Mencej
  • Aerial Cinematography by
  • Kopterworx
  • Steadicam Operator
  • Matej Slabe
  • Crane Operator
  • Primož Kos
  • Crane Assistants
  • Matej Slabe
  • Aljoša Končina
  • Sound Recordist
  • Tim Žibrat
  • Sound Assistants
  • Jakob Ferčec
  • Simon Komar
  • Dog Trainer
  • Mia Zahariaš
  • Set Photographers
  • Andrej Avanzo
  • Janez Kotar
  • Boris Klavžar
  • Special Effects
  • Ožbej Golob
  • Aleksander Ulbin
  • Gregor Matijec
  • Jan Tumpej
  • Vid Pavše
  • Klemen Premrl


  • Edited by
  • David Sipoš
  • Visual Effects
  • Mitja Mlakar
  • Daniel Morrison
  • Colorist
  • Simon Gosnik
  • Credits Sequence by
  • Mitja Mlakar
  • Miha Šubic
  • English Subtitles
  • Ruben Sipoš
  • Associate Post-Producer
  • Neža Peterle
  • Sound Designer
  • Tim Žibrat
  • Orchestration by
  • Anže Rozman
  • Orchestra
  • Symphony Orchestra Cantabile
  • Orchestra Conducted by
  • Marjan Grdadolnik
  • Audio Engineer
  • Edvard Božič
  • Choir
  • Academic Choir Tone Tomšič
  • Choir Conducted by
  • Peter Smolič
  • Mix and Master
  • Martin Bezjak


  • Lyrics by
  • Maja Keuc
  • Tim Žibrat
  • Danilo Kapel
  • Music by
  • Tim Žibrat
  • Danilo Kapel
  • Performed by
  • Maja Keuc
  • Producer
  • Blaž Vrečko


  • co-produced by
  • Snaut
  • Film Factory
  • Copyright © 2014 Haritude Ventures
  • All rights reserved