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About the movie

Kresnik: The Lore of Fire" is a short fantasy film, directed by David Sipoš and independently produced by Haritude Ventures. Over 100 volunteers helped either in front or behind the camera in various ways during the 7 days of production in 2013. The film addresses themes of growing up, independence, friendship, self-confidence and courage. Through the genre of fantasy the story also deals with motives of Slavic mythology, through which the authors are reviving our almost forgotten historical heritage and draw attention to the highly unfulfilled potential of fantasy film in Slovenia.

About the directior

David Sipoš grew up in a small town Ptuj in the eastern parts of Slovenia. Despite being a real bookworm in his childhood he constantly found new adventures outside in the nature. He finished high school with high grades but soon afterwards decided to start learning about filmmaking on his own and through making simple short movies. He also loves editing and camera work. His enthusiasm for the movie world led him to the USA where he got new experiences. His latest movie “Kresnik: The Lore of Fire” is his first step into fantasy themes and this is also genre he want to continue exploring with various motives from Slavic mythology, a cultural heritage he values a lot. David is 25 and currently lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Film festivals' Official Selections

Big As Texas Short Film Festival (Texas, USA)
AniFest Rozafa International Film Festival for Children (Albania)
Arlington International Film Festival (Massachusetts, USA) - Winner for the Best Narrative
Big As Texas Short Film Festival (Texas, USA) - Winner for the Best Cinematography
Cebu International Documentary Film Festival (Philippines)
Cleveland International Film Festival (Ohio, USA)
ConCarolinas Short Film Festival (North Carolina, USA)
Cyborg Film Festival (Italy)
Fantastic Cinema (Arkansas, USA) - Nominated for Grand Jury Award
Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (North Dakota, USA)
Festival du Court Metrage e Clermont-Ferrand (France)
Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film (Serbia)
Festival of Slovenian Film (Slovenia)
Festival Svobodne Video Produkcije (Slovenia)
Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase (Texas, USA) - Winner for the special award
Goa Short Film Festival (India)
Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival (Slovenia)
International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh (India)
ITSA Film Festival (California, USA) - Winner for the best Sci-Fi
KFJ Film Festival (Slovenia)
Latronichorror (Italy)
People of Passion Intl. Film Festival (Australia)
Pune Short Film Festival (India)
Samyak Short Film Festival (India)
South East European Film Festival (California, USA)
Stark County International Short Film Series (California, USA)
Sustefest Festival de cine de Terror y Suspenso (Mexico)
Tally Shorts Film Festival (Florida, USA)
Trakulja - festival ljubiteljev filma (Slovenia)
Trash Film Festival (Croatia)
Underground FilmFest (Germany)
Unreal Film Festival (Memphis, USA)