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Behind the film score

Film music is truly something special, because it offers so much freedom for the composer and at the same time limits, that serve the writing process. The composer really has any instrument at his disposal, but he must contain himself within the emotional limits of the visuals. He can also use any structure he wants, or none at all really, but he must stay within the time limits of the film. The true point, meaning of film music can dif ...
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How the story of Kresnik came about

Our initial goal was to transfer the beauties of the Slovenian landscape and a fragment of Slavic mythology to the silver screen. The Midsummer Night, with its rich heritage in Slovenian folk tradition, became the story’s central motif. Our ancestors related the shortest night of the year to the clash between light and darkness, the former in the shape of the sun deity Kresnik. In our narrative, Kresnik is embodied by the Elder (the g ...
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